About the called "travaux complémentaries"

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About the called "travaux complémentaries"

Message par Sempronio » 23 mai 2007, 21:47

I'm looking for some answers about the European conception of the "travaux complementaries".

The Spanish law make the difference betwen "trabajos complementarios" and "modificaciones", the difference is very darkness. If the common concept can be summarized in the previsions of the 7.d 93/37/CEE (likely of the art. 35.III.1.b of the French Legslation, or the art.53.2.2 of the loi 15 juin 2006 relative aux marchés publiques), the difference betwen modificaciones and complementarios is that the first is reserve to the changes in the constructive system, the other is reserve to new works Unforeseen, (for instance: make a new installation).

Well, time ago Commision said that the modificaciones concept was not right to the 7.d 93/37/CEE, I'm interesting in know how the European partners solve when need to make some change in the constructive sistem (for instance: change the lands treatment when they're contaimed, and this example is real).

I have to make a correct decission, I need to change the lands treatment and I have a contract that has European subsidies... :shock:


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